Football weekend: 13-5-1

Football weekend: 13-5-1
Photo by Ben Hershey / Unsplash

A solid weekend to kickoff the NFL season.

Saturday: 7-2-1 (+2.5 units)

Sunday: 6-3 (+2 units)

Todays Plays:

Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks.

Make no mistake about this, Pete Carroll will have the Hawks ready to rock and the 12's will be ready to make some noise as ole #3 Russell Wilson comes back onto the field. #3 will be wearing Orange this time and throwing the ball for Denver.  Noise will not be a factor as Wilson spent a long time listening to it. Wilson always says the right things when asked about the game, but rest assured he is going to bring his "A" game. Russ wanted to stay in Seattle and Seattle responded with a trade. Seattle's defense this year has a TON of question marks and Denver  last year showed signs of resurgence, then went out and beefed up the team. If Monday Night Russ shows up the Broncos win BIG.

Broncos -6.5  (1 unit)

Broncos First Half -3.5 (.5 units)

Seattle under 18.5 Team Total (.5 units)

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