June 5

Yesterday we went 3-2-1 for +1.8 units. For the month now we are -.52 units.

Special Announcement

I am very excited to announce a new addition to our ever exanding team of cappers.

If you have been around the sports betting community prior to the explosion of social media, you may be familiar with the Covers and Capping The Game forums. Play2win has been a veteran contributor to both forums for over 10 years.

He will be contributing his expertise and knowledge to our subscribers during the upcoming NFL and College Football seasons. And aswell as College Baskeball in the late fall.

But, this upcoming week he will also be sharing his insights and experience in the field of horse racing. Play2win has over 35+ years of being part of the New York horse racing scene. His indepth understaning of the sport is second to none.

One of our goals with the newsletter is to provide educational  content and empower our subscribers to be more conscious sports investors. Horse racing is a smaller sport compared to the Big 4, but in 2021 alone, over $12.2 billion was wagered on horses.

Over the next week, Play2win will be writing content for beginners to horse racing and help us all better understand the sport(including myself).

Then starting June 11, every Saturday during the summer months, we will release a special edition in the mornings deducated to horse racing.

The picks that will be provided will not count towards our record and we encourage all of you new to the sport to use the information to learn and familiarize yourself with capping tools and insight Play2win provides, rather than to wager.

More information will be provided in the upcoming days.



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Pending Series Plays:

Tampa over NY (-200) 1 unit

Todays Plays:

Lighting first period ML (-160 ) 1 unit

Under 5.5 (-120) .5 units

Pending Series: Boston +135

1 unit:

Boston Celtics +4.5

Dormroom Degenerates logo

Texas Rangers ML  -127

. 5 units each:

Mets / Dodgers over 9  -118

St. Louis Cardinals ML  -127